Third Sunday After Epiphany


We are a community of believers called by God to live humbly in the spirit of Christ and to act as His voice and hands in our world.

Our ministries and missions emphasize worship, prayer, study, hospitality to others, and care within our congregation.  We are focused especially on the issues of poverty in our community and the world around us through projects and programs aimed at addressing the needs of those who are hungry and without enough clothing or adequate shelter, and those suffering abuse.



The Miraculous Draught of Fishes

By Witz, Konrad (ca. 1400- ca. 1445)

Tempera on wood, 132 x 151 cm, Musée d'Art et d'Histoire, Geneva

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Jesus calls the disciples to follow. No bargaining occurs; conditions are not discussed; there isnít even much time given to decide.  Markís Gospel makes the whole episode quite matter-of-fact.  To follow Jesus is both a command and a promise.  The command involves forsaking oneís past in an act of obedience.  The promise implies that as one makes the decision, the future will be revealed.  The disciples immediately leave their nets and follow.



Opening Sentences

For God alone our souls wait in silence.

Our hope is from God, our fortress.

God is our rock and our salvation.

God is our refuge and our deliverance.

    Trust in God at all times, in all places.

    Pour out your hearts to the One who hears.

           All people are valuable in Godís sight.

           No one is more important than another.

     Worship God, who is ready to speak to us.

     Open your lives to Godís steadfast love.

            All power in the universe belongs to God.

            Yet God depends on our faithful service.


Prayer of the Day

Let us pray.


We await your message, God of all places and times. Sometimes we do not like what we hear, but we know we need to listen. Your message is inclusive and fair, while we like to make distinctions that favor us and our friends. You call us out of our comfort zones to do new things and try better ways. You direct us to reach out to people with whom we seem to have little in common. Speak your truth to us in this service so we can carry it to the places where you want us to go, to the people you are eager to reach. Amen.


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