Grace_her_Antler_and_Bucky_2014Grace Marie Matteson: Owners Benjamin & Tiffany Matteson

My name is Grace. I was found roaming in the church yard after a worship service in January 2013 by a sweet member of our choir, Kaye, who became my godmother.  Kaye took me around the neighborhood asked if anyone knew who I belonged to or where I came from, but no one did. Since no one claimed me, she took me back to church.  That’s when my mommy and daddy walked out of church.  When Mommy saw me she let out a shriek of joy, and asked if she could hold me. I snuggled in her arms and gave her kisses while Kaye told her my story and asked if she and Daddy wanted to keep me.  Mommy and I looked at Daddy with pleading eyes and there was nothing he could do.  Daddy said they would adopt me, but I needed to stay with my godmother for a few days so they could get the house ready for me and make sure no one else was missing me.

I enjoyed spending time with my godmother Kaye and great godmother Katherine. They took really good care of me. They gave me a soft bed to lie in, a pretty red collar, and toys to play with.  After my visit there was over, I went home with my parents.

Mommy named me Grace because the grace of God brought us together and Marie because that’s her middle name.   I go to work at Franklin Presbyterian with my daddy every day. Besides home, church is my favorite place to be! One of the people I love the most, Isa (other people call her Lou), is there. She gives me lots of attention and treats. She even lets me lay on the couch in her office!

That’s not the only reason I love church though; I also get to hang out with my daddy. I follow him up and down the stairs. I run around in Brenner Hall and eat the crumbs people dropped during Brenner Time. I am even allowed in the sanctuary, where I watch Daddy put up the numbers for the hymns. Sometimes I sit by the pulpit, and sometimes I’ll get up on a pew.

People come to church just to see me. They pat my head, rub my belly, and give me yummy things to eat.  Being the FPC church puppy is the best! When I am not at church I enjoy going for long walks, playing with squeaky toys, spending time with my brother, Bo the cat, snuggling with my family, and stealing my daddy’s side of the bed. 

20150220_230104General "Bo" Matteson: Owners Benjamin & Tiffany Matteson

My name in General Bo Matteson, but my family calls me Bo-man and sometimes my mom calls me Bo-Bo (which my dad doesn’t like, but I don’t mind). My previous owners abandoned me at a feral cat colony in 2012 when I was only one year old. It was very scary and I did not like being outside. Luckily, a nice lady named Nita Bradshaw started taking care of me. She took me to the vet and told her friends about me. One of her friends, Terry Rose, told my mommy and daddy about me and the rest is history. I love my family so much! I like to watch my daddy when he is cooking dinner. I get really excited when he makes chicken or turkey because I usually get some. Snuggling with my mommy is another favorite activity. She has the comfiest lap and always tells me how handsome I am. My sister, Grace, likes to chase me sometimes, but she will also cuddle with me when she is tired, even though she is a dog I love her. One thing I really take pride in is that I am a great watchcat. I look out the widow and watch everything that goes on in our neighborhood. I see every person, car, and animal that comes down our road. I like watching the birds the most. I spend a lot of time talking to my parents and try to give them a full report of my sightings.  I also enjoy it when my mom gives me catnip and plays with me. We play with a ribbon and I jump up in the air to grab it. Sometimes, I get a little feisty and play attack my people just to remind them I am ferocious.  

Cooper Ventura: Owners Ron & Pastor Lou Ventura


My name is Cooper Ventura, and my parents are Ron and Pastor Lou Ventura. Sometimes they call me Coop LaLoosh, or Super Duper Cooper Pooper, or just Pooper. That nickname happened when I came to the family when I was about six months old, back in 2005: my human cousin Duncan was only two and couldn’t say his Cs! Mommy will call me and Logan her “Best In Show” puppies—I like that. I’m named after CNN’s Anderson Cooper, who seems like a really cool guy. When I got home for the first time, I found out I was the only dog among FOUR CATS! But we tolerated each other, and now even though I’m almost 11 years old, I still prance like a puppy! I really like the noise it makes when I thump my tail when I see my mom or dad. I hate water, so I won’t go outside when it’s raining, and that pool in the backyard is just ridiculous—nobody needs that much water. Grace the church puppy comes to visit sometimes, and she’s okay, for a girl.

Cooper was hit and killed by a car on 11/14/2016.

Logan Ventura: Owners Ron & Pastor Lou VenturaLogan_Ventura

Hey! My name is Logan Ventura, and my parents are Ron and Pastor Lou Ventura too! I’m named after Mike Logan, a character on the “Law and Order” TV series, but sometimes mom and dad call me Logie or Pup-Pup. Mommy and daddy tell me I’m a big baby, but I don’t feel very big. I’m not sure why I won’t fit in spaces I used to could when I got here when I was 12 weeks old in 2007…you know, like behind the toilet where it’s cool and dark, or in mommy’s lap, or on the bed. I really miss getting on the bed and sleeping with mommy and daddy—I’m not really sure why they stopped letting me. Okay, anyway, I don’t really mind the water, or the rain, but when Cooper doesn’t go out in it I don’t want to either. Just because. I do like to go out to the creek and roll around in that water, but it seems like every time I do daddy gets mad and kennels me up in the kitchen. I used to go in the pool, but not much anymore, just because it’s more fun to sit on the deck and snap at flies. I like Grace too, but Bella the cat, she kinda scares me.

Bella Ventura: Owners Ron and Pastor Lou Ventura

My name is Bella, and I run the Ventura household—don’t let those dogs tell you any differently. I got here when I was less than 10 weeks old; a nice lady found me on the side of the road in Boykins, and later that day my mommy picked me up and took me home. I don’t think my daddy was expecting me, because he looked really mad at first, but I had him wrapped around my paw in two minutes flat. It was just too easy. That was back in December 2003; these days I keep Cooper and Logan in check (what’s really funny is how they get stock-still when I sit next to them—they’re scared to move! What a hoot!) and sleep curled up on my king-sized bed (mommy and daddy think it’s theirs, but I have news for them). The best place for a great nap, though, is in my daddy’s lap. I like to stretch out there and put my face in his hand. Well, gotta go—it’s naptime, and I’ve only gotten 20 hours’ of beauty sleep so far today.

Holly_Jolly_(640x427)Holly Jolly Christie: Owners Vivian & Harry Christie

My name is Holly Jolly Christie.  My humans are Vivian and Harry Christie.  I came to live with them on 12-12-12 at noon, and I was 12 weeks old.  My life is filled with lots of love.  I love to snuggle with Viv and run with Lucy, my sister dog.  I, also, love to chase and sit on Max, my brother cat.  This doesn’t make my humans happy.  I love to ride and go camping.  I love to play in my yard and play with my many, many toys. Barking is a favorite hobby too.

Lucy Christie: Owners Vivian & Harry Christie

My name is Lucy Christie.  My humans are Vivian and Harry Christie.  I came to live with them on 2-1-15, the day my Harry retired.  I came from a rescue group in North Carolina, and we think I was about 1-2 years old at that time. We think I am part border collie.  For sure, I have never met a stranger.   I have great fun running and running in our back yard.  I love playing with Holly, my sister dog.  My favorite toy is a stuffed green snake that makes great noise.  I love to go camping and digging at the beach too.

Max Cat Christie: Owners Vivian & Harry Christie

My name is Max Cat Christie.  My humans are Vivian and Harry Christie.  I came to live with my family in June 2002.  So, I am an aging boy, and I like to sleep a lot.  When my family goes camping, I get to stay with my Aunt Karen and get spoiled rotten.  Uncle Ed even made me my own kitty condo for our porch, so I can enjoy outdoors without being pestered by my dog sisters.  I love to sit on your lap and being petted.  I reward you with lots of big purrs. 


Buddy: Owner Melissa Lewis

This is my Chihuahua, Buddy. (AKA: Buddyman, Bud, and Budster.) My whole life I've never been a small dog type of person, but somehow Buddy found me and won me over. About five years ago I found him wandering up the street in front of my house right after a big snow storm. He came right to me and I wrapped him in a towel and took care of him. We just clicked and I fell hard for him right away. The next day I called around to see if someone was missing him. (I was secretly hoping no one was.) Come to find out he belonged to a very nice family just a few houses down from me. I was sad when they picked him up, but the next day I heard a scratching at my door and guess who was there. Yep, Buddyman! He had ran away from home to come see me. He made a habit of doing that every chance he got from then on. Whenever he went missing they would call me because they knew where he would be! His owner, seeing how much I cared for Buddy and how much he cared for me, asked me if I would like to dog-sit him from time to time when they went out of town, which I did up until almost two years ago. That was when they told me they were moving out of the state and asked me if I would like to have him forever. They didn't have to ask me twice!! He has been a permanent part of my family for almost two years now and I couldn't be happier!  Buddy loves playing fetch with his favorite ball as well as eating cheese, corn chips, chicken, and cheesecake. I swear he's psychic sometimes because it seems he always knows when I'm handling his favorite foods in the kitchen--he comes running every time!!  



“There’s something missing in my home,

I feel it day and night,

I know it will take time and strength

Before things feel quite right.

But just for now, I need to mourn,

My heart—it needs to mend.

Though some may say it’s ‘just a pet’

I know I’ve lost a friend.

You’ve brought such laughter to my home,

and richness to my days…

A constant friend through joy or loss,

With gentle loving ways.

Companion, pal, and confidante,

A friend I won’t forget,

You’ll live for always in my heart,

My sweet forever pet…”


In Loving Memory of Abby Weaver, beloved pet of Kaye and Katherine Weaver.

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