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Two men on the road to Emmaus encounter another who appears to be a stranger. They relate to him what has happened, how Jesus was tried and sentenced to death. In response he tells them how it was necessary to accomplish what the Scriptures foretold. His identity was revealed later that evening as he took bread and blessed it, reminding us that the extent of Godís love becomes known each time bread is broken and shared.


God has called us together for this time of worship.

God is listening to our thoughts and to our speaking.

God inclines an ear to us and hears us.

God knows us better than we know ourselves.

Let us open our hearts to the One who gives us life.

Let us set our faith and hope in God.

In one anotherís presence, we renew our vows.

Together we offer our thanksgiving sacrifice.

Godís promises to us are ancient and yet ever new.

God is with us here and on all the roads we travel.

Together we lift our voices in songs of praise.

Together we recognize that we are precious in Godís sight.




Prayer of the Day

Let us pray.



Wondrous God, present with us when we do not know it, valuing us when we do not care for ourselves, planting in us the seed of your word even when the soil of our hearts is hard and unyielding, open our eyes to recognize you here. May we sense your presence next to us. May we hear your voice. May we know your touch. May we see you in one another and in the beauty all around us. May your reality emerge deep inside each life, transforming our thoughts and deeds and our relationship with one another. Amen.









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